Are All Smoothies Healthy?

  • Island Smoothie Cafe
  • 14 June 2022

This is a question which has various answers. In general, if you ask someone if smoothies are healthy they would answer and emphatic YES. But, it really does matter what you are putting into your smoothie.

There are some smoothie shops out there which add sugar and high-fructose corn syrup to their mix. This means that the smoothie is artificially sweet and at best is negligible to your health. At worst, it is bad for you and should be avoided.

When you come to our stores, you can see us put fresh all-natural ingredients into the blender.  A smoothie can be all-natural and still taste amazing. This is the motto we live by.

There are smoothies out there which aren’t too far off from being milkshakes or desert. They use loads of dairy and sweetened syrups to make their beverages. I can tell you that you will not get that from us.

Some people choose to make very very green smoothies as a way to get all their green vitamins. Sometimes these may not be the most tasty smoothies in the world. That is why you can liven them up with nuts and fruits.

I have known some folks to make smoothies so horrific tasting that they have had to hold their breath while they chug it down. A smoothie should not be an displeasuring experience. You can have a smoothie which is very good for you and tastes good too.

If you are looking for s specific smoothie to meet specific needs then please ask anyone who works at our store. We would be glad to advise you on which smoothie may be best for you for what you are trying to accomplish.



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