As Covid Numbers Improve Masks Become Optional

  • olympus2
  • 02 March 2022

Its been a tough two years for people on planet Earth. The pandemic known as Covid-19 has spread like wildfire and left many victims in its path. Even as we developed vaccines and anti-viral treatments, the virus mutated and seemed to beat us at every turn. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

With case numbers declining NC Governor Roy Cooper announced that masks become optional in most state agencies and facilities beginning March 7.

As it stands right now about 1/3 of the population of Dare County has had Covid. This is based on the estimated 37,000 residents of the county. You can see the image below from

Covid numbers for OBX

Of course it is still recommended that we all sill use anti-bacterial handwash and other measures to prevent from spreading the virus. There are other viruses too, like the flu, which we should always be aware of.

The warmer season is approaching and that means back to the beach and we will be returning to the shop to serve up delicious food and smoothies to the kind folks of the Outer Banks. We hope to see you here.

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