Fresh Fruit is the Key to Delicious Smoothies

  • olympus2
  • 23 April 2024

Fresh fruits used in delicious smoothies in the Outer BanksWe have all kept berries in the freezer to preserve them. They even make for a tasty snack when frozen. You can also put them in a blender to make a smoothie in frozen form. But there is little doubt that a smoothie just tastes better when the fruit is fresh.

There is a 1-5 day window to eat vegetables before it starts to decompose. Fruits can start to decay even faster. That’s why it is important to have a fast and efficient delivery infrastructure when it comes to getting our fruit and vegetables. Time is of the essence.

If fruit is not eaten within several days time, outside organisms start land on and penetrate the skin. These can include fungi, insects, bacteria and other microorganisms. We have all taken a bite out of that piece of fruit that just tastes “off”. The primary ingredients of decaying fruits are cellulose and polysaccharides. These carbon-rich materials are transformed into volatile fatty acids (VFAs) and reducing sugar under anaerobic conditions.

Exceptions to the Rule

You have heard there is an exception for every rule, right? This goes for fresh fruit smoothies as well. In this case, Acai bowls.

As we discussed in a previous article, Acai is a delicious and nutrient-packed fruit which comes from South America. The climate there lends itself to this delicious purple “super food”.  It has a very unique taste that people love.

The only problem with the Acai Berry is that once picked, you have a very short window to use it. That is why it is rushed from the farm to the freezing plant. Coincidentally, it makes a very good cold base for fruit bowls like the very ones we sell here at our stores here in the Outer Banks.

Customers seem to love our Acai Bowls. We top every bowl with various fresh fruits, granola and delicious drizzles. The vitamin/anti-oxidant levels are very high with these bowls so not only are they tasty and filling, they are very good for you as well.

Try any one of our wide range of smoothies or bowls at one of our two locations in the Outer Banks. We have a location in Duck, NC and one in Corolla, NC. We also have delicious sandwiches and snacks. Give us a shout today and we can have your order ready in as soon as 15 minutes.



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