Health Benefits of Having One Smoothie Per Day

  • smooth44
  • 29 October 2018

smoothie obxMost of know that an all natural smoothie is good for you. But just how good for you is a fresh all natural smoothie? One study suggests eating all fruit meals at least once per day is a perfect way to get your much needed calories and cut back on the deadly fats that you may ingest eating other foods. Plant fat is nothing but good for you whereas animal fats and saturated processed fats can be harmful.

Another article online suggests eating two smoothies per day and eating one regular meal in order to slim up, lose weight and maintain energy levels at the same time.

The smoothies you find in our store contain fresh fruits. Each one having its own benefit to the human body. As most of us know, bananas are packed with potassium. Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C. And Acai berries may even fight cancer. Wait.. what? That’s right. A study in 2006 showed that Acai berries killed cultured cancer cells.


The price a person pays to eat out for lunch is usually $12-$20. For under ten bucks a person can get a large, healthy tasty, energy packed smoothie from our shop. It is a no-brainer really.


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