Incorporate Fruit Smoothies into Your Healthier New Year’s Resolution

  • Island Smoothie Cafe
  • 23 December 2023

Acai bowlIt’s almost that time of year again where we start a new year and hope to accomplish new things. For many of us who are on the go all day and have gotten into the bad habit of eating fast food, our New Year’s resolution will probably include eating healthier.

The good news is that for many of us, a shop that sells smoothies and Acai bowls is usually nearby. Because they can have your order ready in 15 minutes, it is considered “fast food” as well. So, instead of stopping off for that burger or picking up a personal pizza, perhaps you should call the local smoothie shop or use their app.


The price is comparable. If you order an all natural fresh fruit smoothie it will usually cost somewhere around 6-12 bucks depending on where you live. That is about the same as what it costs to order a combo meal at a fast food restaurant. 

Even if you order from a more high end smoothie restaurant and the price exceeds the cost of a combo meal, isn’t it worth it to give your body what it needs to be healthy? Smoothies and Acai bowls are packed with nutrients and “good sugars” vs. fast food which is loaded down with empty carbs, too much fat and processed corn sugar.


A fruit smoothie will usually be in the 400 calories range. The combo meal at the local fast food restaurant is usually at least double that. If you replace your daily fast food meal with a smoothie for 5 days per week the amount of calories you consume goes down by roughly 3000. This is nearly a lb. worth of calories per week. If you stick with this for just a few months you will begin to notice your pant’s waist loosening. You may need to go down a notch or two on your belt. 


There is really no reason you shouldn’t try switching to a smoothie for lunch every day. 

  1. Smoothies will fill your stomach, especially if you add granola and nuts of any sort.
  2. The price is comparable if not cheaper than fast food.
  3. Smoothies are way better for your body than most any other type of fast food.
  4. You will lose weight if you are consistent.

If you get tired of a smoothie every day they try an Acai Bowl. You can swap out a wrap or salad every other day if you like as well. Just make sure not to overdo it with the salad dressing. That is where they get ya! 😉

Note: Pictured above is a Acai Bowl containing strawberries, bananas and granola.

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