Is Drinking a Smoothie Every Day Good for Your Body?

  • Island Smoothie Cafe
  • 15 February 2022

So exactly what happens to your body when you drink a smoothie every day? I guess that really depends on the type of smoothie you consume.

If you get a highly processed smoothie with lots of added sugars and drink it daily, it will likely be bad for you. The added sugar and carbs can put a strain on your insulin as well as your belt. It is recommended that you stick to all natural ingredients.

OK, now that we have that out of the way – What happens to your body when you consume all natural and balanced smoothies every day?

  1. If your smoothie contains the right balance of fruit and veggies then you will get a perfect amount of vitamins and minerals. Your immune system will benefit most and your cellular regeneration will be optimal.
  2. Fiber. If you get fiber in your smoothie then your digestive tract will stay healthy and regular. This is essential for disposing of toxins and other waste products.
  3. A filling smoothie can help you lose weight by acting as a meal replacement. If you get a delicious smoothie which is only 400 calories and you were used to eating 500-800 calories for lunch before, then  this calorie decrease will cause weight loss over time.  A 300 calorie per day reduction of food intake will result in roughly a 1 lb. loss every 12 days.
  4. Smoothies can also act in your favor by curbing cravings. Smoothies which include rich protein and fiber actually help you from getting hungry too quickly.

The key to choosing the right smoothie is making sure it is all-natural and balanced. You can also rotate smoothie types every other day so that you are hitting all combinations and getting suggested amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber.

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