Running on All Cylinders

  • olympus2
  • 03 July 2020

It has been the most precarious year. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought real problems to the U.S and World economies. And that extends all the way here to our tiny sliver of land called the Outer Banks.

We were forced to open much later in the season than usual. We were also forced to close down our dining room as well as implement special full-time mask procedures.

Here we are, July 3rd and things are rolling along. Business has been good. People still want their delicious fresh smoothies and healthy food after or before a day at the beach. Life must go on.

We are especially grateful to our regulars who are our foundation. We thank you for trusting in us. A great number of new customers have found us this year as well. We hope that they like our products and that they spread the word.

We are still doing curb-side pick-up until we get the OK from the government to open the dining room again. The way things are looking, that may be later than sooner.

The fruit is fresh and the waves are crashing as they always were. Check us out online, put in your order and come by to pick it up. Thank you.

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