Smoothie Ingredients that Will Keep You Full

  • olympus2
  • 04 December 2020

Make your own meal replacement smoothieWell its that time of year. We are winding down for the winter here in the Outer Banks. We will not have our delicious smoothies available for our patrons until spring. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make your very own smoothies at home.

In this blog we want to go over some ingredients that will help fill you up and keep you full. This is mainly for people using smoothies as a meal replacement or a snack between extended between-meal breaks.

#1 Vegetables

Yes, we know , we know. Vegetables don’t taste that great. But if you are not big on veggies you can blend them properly with fruit and get a tasty dose of veggie.

You can use vegetables like cauliflower and sweet potato to get your veg and make a smoothie that tastes great.

#2 Healthy Fats

You can use natural plant based fats to stave off that hunger. Fats trigger a satiated mechanism which will let your system know it is full. You can use almond butter, Greek yogurt or avocado.

#3 Fiber

Items such as oats or grain is good for your digestive system and makes your stomach full at the same time. It serves a dual purpose in that regard. Try flax seeds & chia seeds too!

Finding the right blend which works for you will create a a smoothie which gives you your daily dose of vitamins at the same time keeping you satiated and full. A good smoothie is just a several hundred calories and can count as a meal replacement.



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