Tourism in the OBX Soars Despite Pandemic

  • Island Smoothie Cafe
  • 14 July 2020

The superintendent of National Parks in the region Dave Hallac recently said “If things stay on track, we are likely to have either a record visitation year or a year that is certainly up there in terms of high numbers of visits. It’s fairly amazing. Since Dare and Hyde Counties reopened in mid-May, we are having very high-levels of visitation.”

All of this despite the Corona virus pandemic and preceding lock-down. Theories that the pandemic lock-down immediately prior to the summer have created an intense longing for the beach and waves by many people are what are generally accepted. Also, the fact that people are trying to social-distance, they are doing so in wide open areas like state parks and the beach.

Hallac went on to say “We are asking for folks to wear masks, that’s strongly recommended, to wait six feet apart when they’re in line or at a visitor attraction and to wash their hands, and we are finding that the large majority of people are doing that.”

Hallac believes that people come to the unique underdeveloped shoreline of the Outer Banks in order to forget about the troubles of the modern world. “The beaches are open, the water is warm, and when it comes to enjoying Cape Hatteras National Seashore, the visit should be very similar.”

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