What Liquids Should I Put in My Smoothie?

  • olympus2
  • 30 October 2020

People love getting their smoothies from us. They pay some cash and then get to enjoy a healthy treat made by professionals. But many people want to make smoothies on their own too. When starting out on this new journey, they are often confused as to what kind of liquids to use when making their own smoothies. They are often curious as to what the best liquid base is.

In this blog we will list the most common and the most beneficial liquids to use while creating your own smoothies at home.

  1. Filtered or Purified Water – Water makes up most any drink or liquid for that matter. And you want the cleanest water possible. A nice filter should do the trick. Brita or Pur make great filters that you can use to purify your water.
  2. Fresh Juices – If you can squeeze or press your own juice right from the source, this would be ideal. Juice tastes best when it is fresh. That is a fact.
  3. Coconut Water – This liquid is rich in energy. It has potassium and carbohydrates. If you are on a sodium restricted diet you may want to rethink this ingredient however.
  4. Dairy Milk – Some recipes call for milk or a dairy product to be used. You can used 2% milk if you are making a healthy smoothie that is low in fat.
  5. Almond Milk – This milk is a healthy alternative to dairy milk for those who have trouble with lactose or are vegan.
  6. Soy Milk – This is another good alternative to dairy milk for those who are lactose sensitive or vegan. It contains plenty of protein as well as Vitamin A and B.
  7. Green Tea – Low in caffeine and tannins, green tea is a great additive for certain smoothies. It is fat-free, cholesterol free and has no calories.

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