Best Smoothie Ingredients to Make You Feel for Fuller for Longer

  • Island Smoothie Cafe
  • 01 October 2020

smoothie meal replacementSmoothies are a delicious way to gobble down some nutrients in a quick and convenient manner.  They are usually considered to be more of a snack than a meal. But some smoothies, by what they contain, are considered “meal replacements’ in that they have sufficient nutrients to replace a meal and the ingredients will keep your hunger at bay until the next scheduled meal.

With all that in mind, here are the top five ingredients for a smoothie that will keep your satiated for longer:

  1. Vegetables  – Veggies are natures way of filling you up and loading you with natures nutrients. It is no accident that every entrée usually comes with vegetables. A balanced diet requires veggies to fill you up as well as keep you regular.
  2. Healthy Fats – People tend to automatically think of fat as being a bad thing. But your body operates optimally with a certain amount of fat intake. And not all fats come from meat sources. Plant based fats are good and good for you and they keep you from getting hungry.
  3. Protein – Supplements can be added to your smoothie to give you that protein boost, especially if you are supplementing meals.
  4. Fiber – Seeds, seeds and more seeds. Add flax seeds or chia seeds to your own smoothie to make it more filling. A great side effect is that they make you very regular as well.

It is advised that you stay away from using caffeine or like substances to stimulate your nervous system in order to curb your appetite. It has been proven that doses of caffeine large enough to suppress appetite can also cause heart issues. Your heart is the engine of your body. If you damage your heart, you damage your life.

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