Can You Live on Nothing But Smoothies?

  • Island Smoothie Cafe
  • 30 November 2021

Natural fruit smoothiesThis question has come up a few times over the years. Whether it was asked in jest or if a person were really considering living on smoothies in an attempt to lose a lot of weight quickly, the question is valid.

So, can you? There are varying opinions and there are also variables when talking about what kinds of smoothies. If we define smoothies as nothing but juices of fruit and vegetables then a person could probably sustain themselves on them for a while but couldn’t live long term on them. Even though they could get protein from avocado and nuts, the amount of protein needed would have to be supplemented by adding an extra source of protein to hit the required daily protein intake of 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women.

If your smoothies were complex and the amount of nutrients and proteins were measured correctly and supplemented when needed, you could feasibly live on smoothies indefinitely. You can balance smoothie and solid food intake to lose weight by targeting calorie levels 10-20 % lower than the recommended daily intake for men (about 2500 calories) and women (about 2000).

Calorie restriction is probably the most healthy and consistent way to drop pounds if done in the right amount and making sure one gets the proper nutrients along the way.

There are those people who cannot eat solid foods and liquidified food may be there only option. Smoothies offer a great way to take in calories and vitamins in liquid form.

So, in conclusion, the answer is yes you could live on smoothies if you took in the correct amount of vitamins, nutrients and proteins. You will need roughage too to make sure to stay regular.

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  1. Just wanted to respond to your question of “why would you want to?” Many people would want to do this because of depression. We don’t really care how delicious solid food is. We are just trying not to die.

    1. I fully understand and appreciate your response about why someone would want to live on smoothies alone if possible. I’m in the same undesirable boat. May things improve for you in the coming new year.

    2. Some situations as mine, isn’t that I want to live on smoothie’s and sustagen, but after radiation treatment for cancer a year and a half ago. My appetite is almost zero and have lost a lot of weight over that time. I think it’s more for sustenance and survival, looking forward to regaining my appetite

    3. My teeth are being extracted for dentures and chewing is an issue. I have a temporary top denture plate and still have some bottom molars but I am hungry all the time and chewing is a huge issue.

    4. You are absolutely right…sometimes, you just don’t feel like eating but you know that your body needs something to survive on. I mean, I have my bouts of depression. There are days I just don’t want to eat anything, but I make it through and then things get back to some semblance of normal. But my reason for wanting to do “just smoothies”, is because I know that it works and I have lost a considerable amount of weight in the past doing 2 smoothies and 1 meal…but this time I want to do smoothies only. The only drawback is that it’s kind of like a slow & gentle detox that could wake up a sleeping gallbladder (my gastroenterologist told me this) and then you have a problem. But the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. Your hair & skin be on super fleek and your nails too! But it does take discipline to do it. You have to make sure to get all your proteins & nutrients and drink lots of water. I’m going to start this April 1, 2023…wish me luck!

  2. I have had stomach surgery five years ago, now leaving me with an injured pyloric valve. The only food going through it is smoothies. For the last month I have vegetable and fruit smoothies. I hope within 6 months, following corrective surgery. I can eat regular food. But now I am frantic to get my blood counts out of the red. I’m 76 and this article help make me relook at my drink to be more exact ratio I will need to survive.
    Thank you for the article.

  3. Greetings. I make a batch of all fruit smoothies daily, 74oz. I separate it to 4 equal portions and I drink 3 throughout the day, I have 1 solid meals at dinner, as healthy as possible and the last smoothie before bed. Along with the first 2 smoothies, I also have 3 cups of black coffee. I have done this over 1 year and I also do strength training and cardio 5 days a week. The most difficult part is the task of consistently shopping for, cleaning, preparing the fruit for storage; requiring much discipline. There has been weight loss, only 15 pounds, but because of my exercise routine, I have maintained my muscles and become very ripped up. What I’m getting at is, without exercise, I believe I would have much greater weight loss and would look very skinny and unhealthy. Thank you!

    1. I have found using frozen fruit is still healthy. Also frozen fruit can be more affordable. Most of the frozen fruit makes my smoothies seem more like milk shakes

  4. I ate nothing but very thick homemade smoothies and porridge for almost three months. Years ago before it was popular, I wasn’t dieting but it was a health thing I had been ill and it was a way to get more nutrients. It was also cheaper (since I lived on my own to eat one type of food). I was healthier than I had ever been and had so many compliments about how my skin glowed. I now eat a lot of porridge soup and smoothies as well as free range eggs. Though I tend to mix this with a lot of junk food now ok I eat a lot of chocolate lol. Would love to eat more of the healthy part and less of the junk now.

  5. I might be a rarity ,but I love living on smoothies. I am a vegan going 35 years now….about 4 years ago… I just decided that my morning breakfast would become my evening dinner also. I carefully combine my fruit ,oatmeal and pea protein along with a a vitamin supplement. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my smoothies. I sometimes even go many days with same formulation…I love my blueberry/banana mix.

  6. I am just so obese that eating for me is downright harmful as I overeat so easily, but I have noticed when I get my calories in the form of thick flavorful smoothies I don’t really want to eat as I feel full, must be partly due to trying to drink a large glass of water first.
    For me, this has worked very well. I now live 100% off thick as mud smoothies and supplements. All my bloodwork is improving like cholesterol, long term bloodsugar etc. and most importantly I’ve lost 25 kg / 55 lbs (Start weight was 148 kg / 325lbs, 180 cm / 6″0’tall) in 8 weeks. Since I combine it wilth 40 km bicycle trips daily. My doctor fully supports this, BUT you must add proteins to your smoothie or eventually bad things will happen. I do smoothies also because I hate cooking more than anything else! And so I buy everything ready, throw it in, and drink 🙂

    Rinse and repeat.

  7. I’m 73 years old, female and I’ve just never enjoyed eating solid food. I don’t like the way it feels going down my throat and I never have. I’ve been drinking a blueberry banana smoothie with protein powder for my first meal each day for several months now and I’m thinking about diversifying and trying to get all my nutrition this way – or at least most of it. I have an organic vegetable garden and I’m thinking of adding those foods to my smoothie regiment. I remember thinking as a very small child that I wished I could just drink my food. Maybe I can!

  8. my intestines were almost completely compressed for 7 years due to a rare condition, so i nearly died of malnutrition. i ended up finally getting surgery to bypass the compression earlier this year, so now i can get some food down to survive but find that most food are rejected by my new stomach route. i have found myself drinking mostly protein smoothies with a variety of different fruits, and i find it to stay down much easier than complex solids. this article made me feel much less worried about my diet. cheers to good nutrition and a happy healthy life!

  9. Nutritional yeast or probiotics can supply all B vitamins.
    Greek yogurt, whey/egg/hemp hearts/pumpkin seeds protein.
    Sesame seeds for calcium.
    Spirulina, amla and other superfoods like chia and flax, organic vegetable and fruit powder, blackstrap molasses/sorghum for iron, and leafy greens or powder.
    Saves dishes, silverware, electricity.
    Yes, you can live on smoothies.
    Eat something crunchy like raw apples, celery and carrots.

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