Locally Owned and Operated

  • smooth44
  • 28 September 2018

doug and rob owners of island smoothieIn 2018 it has become clear how important it is to support local businesses. Sure, the big box stores and chains offer low prices but your locally owned business offers much more.

Keeping the Money in the Community

It is true that both locally owned businesses and big chains hire local employees, but in chain stores, any profits are usually whisked out of the are and to the company HQ is another town. Locally owned means that the money stays local and gets spent locally.

People You Know

When a family owns a business in an area, they are truly part of the community. Because without the community, the business couldn’t exist. The community could exist without the business however. And that is why locally owned businesses appreciate their communities as much as they do.

Here at Island Smoothie Cafe, we are locals. We live in the Outer Banks and we love the Outer Banks. We appreciate the locals and our customers who are here for vacation.

No Man Behind the Curtain

The store is family owned and managed. So, if you have any comment or feedback or need something special, chances are there is an owner right there in the store with you. No “let me speak to my manager and get back to you” business. We are here to serve you so please feel free to tell us whats on your mind or if you need any special accommodations.

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  1. Rob – thoroughly enjoyed my multiple trips to your cafe last week in Duck. Thanks for creating an amazing place to enjoy super food! See you next time!


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