The Healthiest Smoothies Contain What Ingredients?

  • olympus2
  • 05 May 2022

Most important ingredients for a healthy smoothieJust like any other form of food, smoothies have a lot of variety. Some are healthier than others. Some can help you manage weight reduction. Others can act as meal-replacements or quick bites. In this article we want to go over what the healthiest ingredients for your smoothie are.

  1. Fruit – Yep, good old fruit is really the number one healthy ingredient. Think about it, you have instant carbs of energy, natural sugars for energy, and a variety of vitamins with Vitamin C at the forefront. There really is no substitute for fresh fruit.
  2. Vegetables – Eat Your Veggies! That’s what your parents always said growing up. Vegetables contain vitamins but also many of the minerals we need to be healthy. Mixing in a vegetable with your smoothie will not make it taste less-good. Sprinkle in some kale and it will add some zing to your smoothie.
  3. Protein – The stuff muscles are made of. Having a good protein source is necessary to look and feel healthy. After all, protein is what made us into the species we are today. Nuts and fruits can provide the protein you need in your smoothie. Any type of grain will help you balance your smoothie.
  4. Liquid – Having clean fresh liquid in your body is essential for good health. The cleaner the liquid the less your body has to work to decontaminate it. Also, the better that liquid is at removing toxins. Its a win win. Often times coconut water, purified water, or fresh fruit juice is the best liquid to mix into your smoothie.

There you have it. The four most healthy ingredients you can have in your smoothie. Smoothies can be a nice after-beach treat or they can act as a daily meal. The way your craft your smoothie is up to you. Being informed is the best way to make your decisions.

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